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Welcome To Cherish Hospitality Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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Hospitality is an art aesthetic and science supreme. Establishing a cordial and jovial relationship, it is the finest way of reaching one’s heart. ‘Satyamev Jayate’, our Indian mantra teaches us the value of hospitality in our lives and based on this belief, Cherish Hospitality Services was established in the year 2005 to cater the masses in the form of corporate catering, industrial catering & guest house management services. The team was confident that there were substantial opportunities to grow and build the organization beginning with a few reputed clienteles that grew eventually. Cherish advanced with a new corporate organization every quarter and with the growth of the MNC’s & the IT Industry, Cherish developed its resources through new techniques in catering, canteen & guesthouse management services. The concept of Nutritional Contract Catering was introduced where in the caterer will prepare food in a centralized quipped kitchen outside the company premises & transport the cooked food in packed containers that will be served in the company.


“To keep winning…

 Keep on improving…“

“To serve our guests of Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Software institutes, Educational institutes & Service industries, reasonably priced catering & guest house services with a clean & friendly environment accompanied with good quality rooms & best quality food to meet & exceed our guest’s expectations.”


Rapid Response Time

Be it an enquiry or an order, our response is always rapid and precise.

Value for customer’s time

Be it an enquiry or an order, our response is always rapid and precise.

Product optimization

Proper selection of raw materials is of prime importance to deliver quality products.


The value for services cannot be realized unless the employees attending to it are trained effectively.