Guest House Management

We provide Guest House Management services to Corporates and Government organizations. At present Cherish Hospitality is spread across India and we are aiming to go above and beyond to maintain the highest possible standards, keeping in mind the commercials based on every organizations capital investment. We provide 3 major types of services under the management of the guest houses that are supplying of manpower only for related services such as Front Desk Operations and so on, Company owned properties that have their own assets in place and we have to maintain the upkeep, laundry and catering services and the third option is to deliver a property that requires assets both capex and non capex (Electronic appliances, Linen, Furniture and fixtures, Decorative articles and so on) on a rental basis that benefits the organization both economically and is hassle free. We have trained care takers, chef’s and house keeping staff to maintain and manage the guest house effectively.

Standard Operating Procedures


1. Preparation of breakfast/lunch, dinner and snacks for the guests.
2. Check the hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen.
3. Necessary equipment need to be arranged.
4. A Waiter / Steward will serve food and beverage to the guests.
5. Take care of the cutlery and crockery used by the guests.
6. Hygiene and sanitation of the dining hall.
7. To serve food hot and at right time to the guests.

L&T Edited

Management of Linen


1. Fresh linen is used on a daily basis and is changed depending on the clients requirement.
2. Washing & Ironing of linen is done inside the premises of the guest house depending on the facility.
3. Washing & Cleaning material used are of standardized brands. No low quality brands are used.
4. Linen such as curtains, sofa covers and blankets are outsourced on a quarterly basis.


1. Cleaning of guest rooms and bathrooms.
2. Remove and dispose of refuse and rubbish at the assigned area.
3. Clean all windows, doors and ventilators. Polish all brassware.
4. Hoover carpets and clean the corridors. Maintain a polite, dignified and helpful attitude towards the guests.
5. Conduct pest control on a quarterly basis or monthly basis depending on the condition.